One of my Social Media clients is Henley Business School South Africa. It is the local operation of Henley Business School in the United Kingdom – which is part of Reading University in the UK.

Since I started working on their Twitter account at the beginning of February 2013 the number of followers has increased by 255%. I realise that the number followers in itself is not meaningful but 95%+ of these followers are PEOPLE. I have ignored ‘bots’ and when not followed back they seem to go away. Which is good.

Many of those who use ‘bots’ tweet the same thing over and over and over. This is the same as a radio station that continuously broadcasts commercials.

While the purpose of Henley Business School being on Twitter is to promote its activities I have taken care to intersperse ‘commercials’ with other content.

I do not use ‘inspirational’ quotes. I find these as irritating as many others do. I occasional tweet a quote, for example, of Peter Drucker and Michael Porter but these are not inspirational just good advice to managers.

I also put in my own content – examples of which are below. Many of these are retweeted or result in interactions with me – or between followers which is even better. I also interact with followers when I think I can make a useful contribution.

  • Set aside a short time on Monday evening for work related reflection and planning. The rest of the weekend BE with your loved ones – fully.
  • Good Morning, if you’re setting off on a long journey later today please take care. Keep a 360 lookout on the roads.
  • Good managers understand that they are only as good as the team they build.
  • Good managers know how to build networks across their own businesses & industry. They know that good networks are based on reciprocity.
  • Good managers regard budgets a planning & monitoring tool – not as something imposed on them by accountants.
  • The written word remains a part of communication in organisations. Good managers ensure that these communications are crystal clear.
  • Your career advancement is directly proportional to the investment you make in your own personal development.
  • Good managers always critically evaluate evidence before acting on that evidence.
  • Really good managers always regard themselves as always being at the start of their learning process – they’re constantly open to new ideas.
  • Good managers know that character and integrity are as important as capability.
  • Good managers understand how every one of their decisions will affect the company Income Statement & Balance Sheet – and the Cash Flow.
  • Good managers keep up a positive attitude in the face of adversity – while remaining in touch with reality.
  • At work do you leave (not create) an impression, are people changed for the better because of you, do you know what to do to add value?
  • Good managers spend a lot of time reading; about business, leadership the economy, new technologies. It is part of their personal development.
  • Good Managers are able to configure ideal combinations of work, family, fun and rest. This reduces the risk of burnout.
  • Africa is the second largest continent in the world. The area of Africa can contain all of USA, China, India, New Zealand, and Europe.
  • South Africans should spend time travelling in the rest of Africa. The people you meet will convince you that there are great opportunities.
  • Good managers like Monday mornings just as much as they like Friday afternoons.
  • Good managers are quick learners and they accelerate the learning of all around them.
  • Assets & Profits are like food to humans. We can live without food for a long time. We can’t live without O2. Cash flow is the O2 business.
  • If you don’t understand the saying, ‘Profit is an Opinion – Cash Flow is a Fact’ you need help.
  • Your career advancement if directly proportional to the investment you make in your own personal development.
  • Good managers make the effort to ‘sell’ their message in order to win hearts and minds.
  • Good managers need to master the art of real inter-personal communication in order to be effective.
  • Good managers keep abreast of developments, not only in their own fields, but of developments in all areas that will affect their business.
  • Good managers never participate in the company ‘grape-vine’ activities.
  • Good managers don’t go around barking orders. Good managers ask good questions – which means they’re coaching. Start tomorrow.
  • Take stock of your current skills, compare them to the skills required in the job you would like to have – and make plans to fill any gaps.


I have come to realise that Social Media is more about the content than the technology involved. Sure, I could set up an application to tweet at set times as the ‘bot’ people do but what if someone asks a question that needs an answer. Or, one is tweeting ‘commercials’ amidst some breaking Twitter news storm.

For me it’s all about content, timing and the personal touch. If this limits the number of clients I am able to handle I’ll live with that.


‘Commercial.’ Please visit Henley Business School at to see what they’re all about and follow them @HenleyAfrica – you’ll get my read my ‘Good managers….’ Tweets live.





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